HAIX Airpower P3


Light service boot with optimal climatic numbers

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  • Waterproof due to GORE-TEX®
  • Highly breathable
  • Slip-resistant and low-noise sole
  • Lightweight
  • High degree of comfort of wear
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HAIX Airpower P3

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Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
20,5 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Protective cap: no
certified for orthopedic insoles: yes
Safety classification: O2
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 2,0 - 2,2
Fastener: Classic lacing
Weight: 745 Gram
The Airpower P3 by HAIX makes everyday working life easier for police officers, security guards... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower P3"

The Airpower P3 by HAIX makes everyday working life easier for police officers, security guards and military personnel. The high degree of comfort it offers means that no blisters or pressure points will arise, even after long marches or patrols through administrative buildings. The Airpower P3 can be laced to different tightnesses to ensure a good fit, meaning that it will never slip or be too tight.

Its slip-resistant sole has proved itself in police operations time and time again. It allows virtually silent movement, whilst the rubber used in its manufacture is completely colour fast and will not leave any ugly black marks on light-coloured industrial floors or tiles.

Climate comfort for your feet

The Airpower P3 is an ideal option both in the hot summer months and on rainy autumn days. It is also perfectly suited to indoor and outside use as well as being a good option for leisure hiking activities. Special pigments integrated within the leather reflect the sun's rays and stop any unnecessary overheating. A GORE-TEX® membrane keeps your feet cool by expelling sweat. At the same time, it will keep the rain out and make sure that your feet remain dry.

Light and comfortable

The Airpower P3 is a boot which strikes the perfect balance between safety and a light weight. Its bold tread provides a firm grip on uneven surfaces. Most of the upper is constructed in a light textile material in order to maximise lightness.

The Airpower P3 has also been designed to correct your foot position and gait. The footbed and the sole, for example, reduce the pressure on your feet as you walk along. This also decreases any strain on the joints. In addition, a so-called impact-absorbing wedge integrated into the heel cushions your steps.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Airpower P3 combines waterproof leather and robust polyamide.
  • The leather itself has been hydrophobised, i.e. treated chemically to make it particularly water repellent. 
  • A polyamide inlay also helps to expel sweat. Made up of abrasion resistant, tear-proof synthetic fibres. Polyamide is a robust material which is also extremely elastic.
  • The mix of leather and polyamide used in the manufacture of the HAIX Airpower P3 provides maximum protection against the rain as well as ensuring a high degree of breathability and flexibility.

Lining, inlays, footbed

  • Three-ply GORE-TEX® protects your feet against water and other liquids. The pores contained within this membrane are so tiny that raindrops are unable to penetrate its grid-like structure. Sweat, however, is evaporated and expelled.
  • An abrasion-resistant lining provides additional insulation against the heat and cold.
  • The HAIX Climate System is integrated into the shaft of the boot. This uses the pumping movement generated as you move along to expel sweat in a rapid and effective manner.
  • There is also an anatomically formed insole which adjusts to the shape of the foot and immediately absorbs moisture. These inlays can be removed and washed when necessary.
  • A fleece insole also helps to soak up sweat, meaning that the Airpower P3 is also a pleasant option at the very height of summer.


  • The rubber sole of the Airpower P3 is completely slip resistant.
  • Because it is also colour fast, it leaves no black marks on tiles or light-coloured industrial floors.
  • Liquids such as oil or petrol cannot penetrate the boot.
  • A deep tread ensures a secure grip.
  • The form of the sole also promotes optimum toe-to-heel movement, thus protecting your joints.

 The Airpower P3 by HAIX is a robust work boot which is also exceptionally light in weight. It offers your feet plenty of comfort. State-of-the-art shoe engineering helps to avoid any pain to the joints and back. Try out these extremely comfortable boots now!

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