HAIX Florian Europe

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  • Fulfils the F2A/HI3 standard
  • Sole provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold
  • Waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX®
  • Decreases pressure on the joints and back
  • A practical slip-on boot
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HAIX Florian Europe

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Puncture protection:
CE 0197 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI SRC - Typ F2A
Height in cm:
30,0 cm
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Safety classification: Type F2A, Type HI3 - inside & outside firefighting
Fastener: slip on
Safety toe: yes
Cut protection class: no cut protection
certified for orthopedic insoles: yes
Leather thickness: 2,5 - 2,7
Weight: 1258 Gram
Every second counts when a fire fighter is sent out on a call. The Florian Europe by HAIX is a... more
Product information "HAIX Florian Europe"

Every second counts when a fire fighter is sent out on a call. The Florian Europe by HAIX is a slip-on option which saves valuable time in such situations. Simply climb into your boots, and you are ready to go. Pull-on loops at the sides assist with the process, whilst a stretchable material in the interior of the boot ensures that you achieve a snug fit, even when running or climbing ladders.

Comfortable and protective of the joints

The job of a fire fighter is extremely physically demanding and places an immense strain on the back and spine. This means that it is important for a fire brigade boot to have a high quality footbed. The Florian Europe uses the patented HAIX MSL System. PU foam is integrated into the whole of the sole area to cushion your steps as you go and reduce any pressure on the bones and joints.

The Florian Europe also has an anatomically formed inlay sole to support your feet. This encourages an upright body position and a healthy gait.

Total protection against heat

The Florian Europe by HAIX complies with the fire brigade boot standard EN 15090:2012, Type F2A, HI3. This means that it is suitable for both internal and external use and can withstand exposure to a maximum temperature of 250 degrees for a period of up to 40 minutes. It provides an extremely high degree of insulation against heat, and the rubber used in the manufacture of the sole will not melt. The PU foam which is also contained within the sole prevents warmth from being transported to your feet.

A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane provides a high level of comfort of wear during the summer. GORE-TEX® contains tiny pores which expel moisture via a process of evaporation and allow your feet to “breathe”. At the same time, special pigments in the leather reflect the sun’s rays to prevent overheating.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Florian Europe is manufactured in high quality bull leather, which provides a superb fibre structure and is a particularly robust and hard-wearing material.
  • A rubber toe cap helps prevent wear and tear to the tip of the boot.
  • Pigments contained within the leather of the upper reflect the rays of the sun to ensure that less warmth is transported to your feet.
  • Yellow reflective strips at the side of the boot allow you to remain easily visible in dim light.

Lining, inlays, footbed

  • A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane makes the HAIX Florian Europe both highly breathable and watertight. Although no moisture can penetrate, sweat is expelled via a process of evaporation.
  • The boot also features an abrasion-resistant inner lining, whilst a fast-drying insole quickly absorbs moisture. The latter may be removed and washed if required.
  • A fleece insole also absorbs dampness.
  • A plastic toe cap integrated into the front of the boot prevents any injuries that may potentially be caused by impacts or falling objects.


  • The rubber sole of the Florian Europe is slip-resistant and particularly robust.
  • PU foam is injected to cushion your steps as you go and reduce any strain on the joints or back.
  • The boots also have a deep tread to guarantee a firm hold across any surface and when climbing ladders.
  • The sole is puncture-resistant and will protect you against nails or any other sharp objects that may be lurking underfoot.
  • Liquids such as oil or petrol are equally unable to penetrate.
  • It also provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold.
  • Because the sole of the Florian Europe is also colour fast, it will not leave any ugly black marks on light-coloured industrial floors or tiles.

The Florian Europe is a boot which offers outstanding levels of safety and comfort of wear. It is extremely heat resistant and provides total protection against injuries to the feet whilst also being kind to your joints and back. Try out your new HAIX boots now!

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