HAIX Fire Eagle high


Boots with higher shaft and integrated boot jack

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  • Shaft height: 29 cm
  • CROSSTECH: Resistant to bacteria and viruses
  • Extremely light and breathable
  • NEW: Boot jack for even easier removal
  • Flexible shaft for more freedom of movement
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HAIX Fire Eagle high

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CE 0197 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI AN SRC - Typ F2A
Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
29,0 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through CROSSTECH®
Protective cap: yes
certified for orthopedic insoles: yes
Safety classification: Type F2A
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 2,0 - 2,2
Fastener: fast lacing
Weight: 950 Gram
In your work at the Fire Station, you have to move fast: Often every second counts, as your help... more
Product information "HAIX Fire Eagle high"

In your work at the Fire Station, you have to move fast: Often every second counts, as your help is needed urgently. In order to concentrate on what matters during call outs, you have to be able to rely on your footwear. Whether it is oily streets, slippery floors or wet foliage: With the Fire Eagle High from HAIX, you are the master of all situations. The outer sole of specialised rubber gives you a firm stance in all terrains. Additionally, your joints are perfectly supported by the performance of the anatomical shape, integrated into the shoe. So you always have a firm stance.

At accidents or fires you have to reckon with falling objects. The HAIX Fire Eagle High protects your feet well. The ultra-light, composite toecap takes care that your toes remain unscathed. Thanks to the impenetrable, metallic sole inlay, even shards, tree branches or nails cannot harm your feet.

Many call outs last for hours - and you as a Firefighter spend a long time on your feet. With the particularly light HAIX boots, you still feel fine. That is what the comfortable insoles and separate Heel Cup are there for. They help you lift your feet and put them down comfortably. That protects your whole musculo-skeletal system.

No pressing down and no slipping - with the three separate insoles, the HAIX Fire Eagle High is just right for your feet.

Perfect climatic comfort for every call out

In the Fire Service, you move around a lot and easily start to sweat.

Still the watertight Fire Eagle Highs are made of high-grade, robust, but yet breathable leather. Warm air does not get stuck in the shoe. What is more, the antibacterial insole reliably removes moisture. From the pumping motion of walking, the Micro-Dry-Lining on the Shank Trim drives out damp through the Ventilation Slots. So your feet always stay pleasantly dry.

The pigments in the more than two millimetre thick leather even reflect rays of sun. So they prevent your feet from heating up unnecessarily - for a pleasant climate in all seasons.

Protected in every situation

Oil, petrol or blood - in your job you often come into contact with chemical substances or bodily fluids. The inner lining as well as the outer sole ensure that these substances are kept off you. The shoe also reliably isolates you from heat or cold.

The high shank at 29 centimetres also protects your feet from injuries of the lower leg. Thereby the Fire Eagle High from HAIX offers you the best in safety - at every call out.


  • The breathable and watertight Firefighter’s boot is made of 2.0-2.2 millimetre thick, strong, durable bull leather. Despite the robust material, the shoes are especially light.
  • The leather reliably repels water, so that your feet always remain dry.
  • Externally applied insteps ensure from their yellow high-visibility colouring, that you are visible even in bad light. The insteps may be ordered in different colours and are interchangeable.
  • The pigments in the leather reflect sunrays and ensure that you do not get too warm in the boots.
  •  Due to the quick-lock of the 2-zone lacing arrangement, the Fire Fighter’s boot is ideal for your feet - in only a few seconds.
  • Thanks to the practical Bootjack system in the heel of these tall shoes, you may take them off again quickly. Simply hold onto the heel with the toes of the other foot and slip out of the flexible Fire Eagle High.

Inner lining, insoles, protective cap

  • The CROSSTECH® Membrane on the inside of the Fire Eagle High from HAIX ensures that chemicals, blood or oil do not get through to your feet.
  • At the same time, the inner lining is watertight and very breathable.
  • Also the insole ensures that your feet stay dry. It is antibacterial and moisture-repellent.
  • The separate Heel Cup perfectly cushions your steps. That protects your musculo-skeletal system.
  • Anatomically formed performance for your joints supports your feet and guarantees a firm stance. With the three separate insoles, the Firefighter’s Boots are the best fit for your feet. The item is normally shipped with the red insole! Other insoles may be ordered separately.


  • The robust outer sole is made of abrasion-inhibiting and anti-slip PUR (Polyurethane). This specialised rubber makes the Fire Eagle High particularly light. At the same time, the shoes are impenetrable due to a metallic insole. You will notice no unevenness, such as nails, shards or tree branches under your feet.
  • Even from petrol, oil, blood or cold, the sole reliably protects your feet.
  • The impact-absorbing wedge integrated into the shoe gives the boots additional comfort.
  • The sole is equipped with yellow high-visibility colouring, so that you are still visible in fog or smoke. 

The Fire Eagle High proves itself ideal for Firefighting Auxiliaries. They are especially light and extremely breathable. Additionally, they protect your feet from falling objects and noxious substances. With side reflective strips, they are even visible in thick fog or smoke. Thanks to the non-slip outer sole and the anatomically-designed performance, the shoes offer a firm stance - in all kinds of situations. Order your reliable Firefighter’s Boots from HAIX now.

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